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Brochures & Manuals 

Several of these documents are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you don't already have it you'll need to download the free Acrobat Reader program to view or print them. 

Ouyang Range Publicity Handout (112kb PDF)
Courtesy of Gerry Blackwood.
Interesting to see that this confirms Ouyang did offer the Matilda 16 as well as the 20 & 23, and that over 1,000 Matilda 20s were sailing worldwide by this time.
BrochureP1.jpg (234619 bytes) Matilda 20 Brochure (345kb PDF)
Courtesy of Maurice Sneed
Matilda 1975 Price List.jpg (1979557 bytes) Matilda 20 March 1975 Price & Spec (262kb PDF)
Courtesy of Brooks Northern
matilda20-4.gif (42012 bytes) Matilda 20 Advert (41kb GIF)
Matilda 20 Owner's Guide (255kb PDF)
Courtesy of Gerry Blackwood
matilda20-2.gif (48943 bytes) Matilda 20 Drawings (48kb GIF)
M20_drawing_labeled.jpg (187023 bytes) Matilda 20 Labelled Line Drawing (63kb GIF)

Many thanks to Brooks Northern for creating this drawing. 

Matilda Rudder Blade.gif (190958 bytes) Matilda 20 Rudder Blade Dimensions (12kb GIF)

Many thanks to Paul Esterle for taking the time to draw these up in his CAD software.

Matilda 20 Rudder Stock Dimensions (12kb GIF)
Matilda Rudder Stock.gif (547252 bytes)
m23b1.jpg (48224 bytes) Matilda 23 Brochure (220kb PDF)
Courtesy of Philip Ericksen
m23b2.jpg (25777 bytes) Matilda 23 Brochure (242kb PDF)
Courtesy of Philip Ericksen

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