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Matilda 16 Specs & Pictures 

Matilda 16


I found 2 references to the Matilda 16 on a newsgroup but absolutely no other information or details of any sort. After my appeal for help with details of this model, Michael Thompson wrote to me in January 2002 to advise that from 1970 to 1973 he owned the first Matilda 16 built. 
Like the Matilda 20, this model was designed by well known British "pocket cruiser" designer Robert Tucker. It was initially built in marine ply by Bromley Boats in England and they produced a kit for home building. The internal layout was a mirror of that shown in the Matilda 20 brochure, with the galley on the port side and the head to starboard,  2 quarter berths, one under each cockpit seat and a bow V berth reached through the head which had a door on each side. The Matilda 16 packed a lot of living space into a small hull. 
I had believed that Ouyang never produced this Matilda model in Canada, but then received a copy of a publicity handout from around 1973/74 which does list the Matilda 16 as one of the boats which Ouyang offered. Later, Dale Hymanyk, a former owner of an Ouyang built Matilda 16, was kind enough to send me a couple of photos. Dale advises that unlike the UK boat described above, his had a very simple interior with just 2 long berths either side of the centreboard housing. 
I'd be very pleased to receive copies of any other photos, adverts, brochures or manuals.
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