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Matilda Links

  • See several Brochures and an Owners Manual on the  Brochures & Manuals Page  
  • Maurice Sneep particularly recommends the Trailer Sailors Association who cover the whole of the USA and Canada and whose members look to have a lot of fun. Check out their website. 
  • In the late 1990s Tony Tucker, the son of Robert Tucker who died in 1998, designed an updated version of this boat now manufactured in Lincolnshire, England as the Pippin 20. See a Review or the Pippin Yachts website for more details.

Owner Websites & Blogs

Many Matilda owners have started to create websites with details of their boats and the maintenance and modifications they have carried out. These are the ones I'm aware of:
  • US owner Paul Esterle has a 1972 Matilda 20, 'Ternabout'. He writes for Small Craft Advisor magazine (www.smallcraftadvisor.com) and has written extensively about the Matilda. He has also produced a 70 minute video on the modifications he has done to the boat, available at www.captnpauley.com. Finally, an occasional diary of his experiences with the Matilda can be found on his personal website.   
  • Steve Dickie bought his Matilda 20, 'Nashira' in September 2003 and is undertaking a number of repairs and upgrades. There are more details and some useful photos, including interior shots, on his website
  • Likewise, Chris & Lenore Holderness have made a significant number of changes to their Matilda 20 and documented these on their website.
  • Shawn & Katherine Blackwood sold their Matilda 20 #821 in fall 2006, but have details of the maintenance and modification s they carried out on their Blogspot
  • Dutch Matilda owner Peter Zeilstra has details of his boat on his website.
  • Another Dutch owner, Julian Bell, also has a website.
  • Details of their boat can be found on Pam & Lorne's Mulholland's Matilda Blogspot.
  • Keith & Jo O'Brien in Victoria, Australia have details on Keith's Blog.

Canvas & Sail Links

  • In a discussion a while ago on the Matilda Forum, Bob Schwalm advised:
    "I have had 2 Matilda 20s and both needed new main sail covers among other things. GENCO MARINE on King St. in Toronto had the best quality and best pricing both times. Nick Genco has all the specs for both the Matilda 20 and 23, has his own sail loft and even sailed a 20 across lake Ontario years ago. They have all measurements and specs for sails, rigging and cockpit cushions etc, for Matildas, ask for Nick Sr. and you should be away. Bob"
    See Genco's Website for more information.
  • If you are looking for used sails, an Aloha Owners Association member reported getting a great deal and service from Minney's Yacht Surplus in California. A great list of used sail dealers can be found on the Sailing Texas website.

General Sailing Links

Talk to other sailboat owners about the boat you are interested in at Sailnet boat check, or try SailBoatSpecs, Used Sailboat Best Sellers or Bacon & Associates Yacht Specification Search Page

The BoaterEd site is "Dedicated to Boater Education & Training" and contains an incredibly comprehensive searchable archive of BoaterEd forums (around 25,000 topics and over 100,000 posts!) with articles and advice of every kind.

American Boating Association ABA membership is free, and gives you access to many discount programs. Site offers useful information such as a boat show calendar, articles on safety and environmental issues, and boating tips.

Boat and Billet Exchange: Non-commercial international referral service for boaters to arrange power or sail boat swaps; go cruising or racing on host boats; or to arrange billet accommodation when traveling.

Far Horizons Sailors Search
Mother of all Maritime Links


Sailors Choice


Sail-the-net is a comprehensive searchable database containing Marine Directory, Crew Swap, Boat Jumble, Cruising Guide and other Marine Links
Midwestern States Sailing Associations

Cruising Information

Hull Identification Numbers explained

The Beaufort Scale

This really neat Boat Speed Calculator allows you to compare average boat speeds based on PHRF rating.

Animated knots by Grog - Nice animated knot tying trainer provided by Grog LLC   

Another great knots resource is provided by Learning about knots

WWW Tide & Current Predictor

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